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Dataset Code NIEA_P_02
Organization Environmental Analysis Laboratory
Data Categories Pollution Prevention
Environmental Protection Project Categories Environmental Resource Survey and Monitoring
Main field
Authorization Method Open Government Data License
Authorization Description Link https://data.gov.tw/license
Encoding Scheme UTF-8
Update Frequency Monthly
Contact Name Mr. Yang
Contact Phone Number (03)491-5818轉2103
Contact Email mengju.yang@epa.gov.tw
Tags environmental testing and analysis organization environmental analysis

Data Field Description

Column Type
permitno text
labno text
orgname text
permitexpiredate text
labname text

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Condition 1
  • permitno
  • labno
  • orgname
  • permitexpiredate
  • labname
  • labaddress
  • labtel
  • labfax
No Data
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Permit information of environmental testing and analysis organizations

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