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Dataset Code WR_P_37
Organization Department of Waste Management
Data Categories Others
Environmental Protection Project Categories Environmental Technology
Main field
Dataset provided by Management of Waste Clearance and Disposal Information system (WCDS)
Authorization Method Open Government Data License
Authorization Description Link https://data.gov.tw/license
Encoding Scheme UTF-8
Update Frequency Monthly
Contact Name Ms. Lo
Contact Phone Number 02-2311-7722#2651
Contact Email hclu@epa.gov.tw
Tags Waste clearance organizations Grade C clearance organizations

Data Field Description

Column Type
cle_no text
cle_name text
cle_grade text
grantdeadline text
granttotalqty text

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Condition 1
  • cle_no
  • cle_name
  • cle_grade
  • grantdeadline
  • granttotalqty
  • grantno
  • waste_no
  • waste_name
No Data
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Dataset Name Download Type
Public or Private Permits of Grade C clearance organizations

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