Privacy Protection Statement

1. Scope of These Privacy Protection Guidelines

This statement is applicable to all the services and functions of (hereinafter referred to as Data.Epa).

2. Personal Information Collection

We will ask you to provide your e-mail address, ID, or other necessary information when you use the member registration function for Data.Epa. Moreover, Data.Epa will retain related records produced by the server when you view or search through this website, including but not limited to the IP address of the equipment you use for connection, usage time, browser information, visit record, etc. Please note that despite the links to other websites provided on Data.Epa, these websites are not managed by Data.Epa. All information that you actively provide to other websites will be collected, handled, and used according to related laws and regulations, as well as the privacy policy of the respective websites. This statement shall not be applicable under such circumstances, and Data.Epa shall not bear any joint and several liability.

3. Use of Information Collected by Data.Epa

Personal information collected by Data.Epa shall be processed in accordance with the scope of operations stated by Data.Epa or the scope of mutual use stipulated by law. Unless otherwise specified in laws and regulations, personal information collected shall not be used beyond specific purposes of collection. Any personal information collected by Data.Epa shall not be used collectively with others or for any purposes that you have not been informed of, unless you have been informed and your consent has been obtained at the time of collection, or where it is otherwise specified by laws and regulations.

4. Personal Information Protection

Collection, processing, use, and protection of personal data by Data.Epa shall be in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of China (Taiwan). In order to maintain privacy and integrity of your personal information, Data.Epa shall strictly abide by related laws and regulations, as well as data management principles. A website firewall is in place to prevent unlawful access and damage caused by malware. Data transmission is safeguarded by SSL mechanisms in order to reinforce the safety of data transmission, storage, and use.

5. Use of Cookies

A cookie consists of a packet of data transmitted from the web server to your browser, and is stored in your computer's hard disk. Data.Epa makes use of cookies as a communication and identification tool in order to record your activities and string data that you entered on the website at any time. This record of your personal information and preferences has the purpose of providing customized services, and understanding the browsing status of the website to improve service quality and enhance the safety of Data.Epa. The browsers of most personal computers or mobile devices automatically accept a website's cookies by default. If you are unwilling to accept cookies used by Data.Epa and wish to disable them, you may change the cookie settings on your browser. If you are unwilling to accept the cookies of Data.Epa, or block them, this may lead to complete or partial inability to use functions provided to you by Data.Epa.

6. Statement of Sharing Personal Information with Third Party

Collection, processing and use of information by Data.Epa shall be within the service scope stated by us. If a third party is commissioned by Data.Epa to provide services due to business requirements, it is strictly required that the third party abide by the non-disclosure undertaking. Data.Epa shall not sell, exchange, rent, or disclose your personal information to other organizations or individuals through any covert methods without your approval. We will provide your personal information to a third party only in compliance with laws and regulations, as well as based on the following principles:

7. Execution of Rights by Involved Parties

Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, you may request the following with regard to your personal information collected, processed and used by Data.Epa:

(1) Search, request access, or for a copy to be produced.

(2) Supplement or correct the information.

(3) Cease the collection, processing or use of information.

(4) Delete the information.

(5) Withdraw your consent for the collection, processing or use of information.

Information collected by Data.Epa may be retained based on specific purposes of collection; contracts, rights, and obligations involved; related provisions on duties and time limits stipulated in related laws and regulations; and other factors related to resolving disputes. Data.Epa will destroy or delete your data based on Data.Epa's internal regulations once the aforementioned factors are met or expire; or store your personal information once it has undergone de-identification and it is impossible to track you based on such information.

8. Self-Protection Measures

Please safeguard your key, password or personal information appropriately. Do not provide any personal information to other individuals or institutions. Please remember to log out once you have finished use of services and functions provided by Data.Epa. If you share your computer with others or use a shared computer, remember to close the browser to prevent others from accessing your personal information.

9. Amendments to this Statement

Data.Epa will amend and promulgate this statement irregularly in response to social changes, business requirements, technological developments, and statutory amendments. Please consult this statement any time to ensure protection of your rights and interests.

10.Contact Information

These privacy protection guidelines are formulated by Data.Epa in order to protect personal information of website users and ensure internet privacy. If you have any inquiries regarding these guidelines or matters related to personal information, or if you wish to exercise the aforementioned rights of involved parties, you may use the Suggestion Mailbox service of Data.Epa, or make a call to Data.Epa's customer service (02)2511-2393. We will provide you with further explanation.