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    The air pollutant emission information includes stationary air pollution source fee that should be declared and stationary pollution sources whose annual emissions should be declared.

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    You can use URL / API to access data, and supply it for application programs interfacing with, and refer to the tabs, [ </> Data API ], in each data set for the format. For more instructions, please refer to https://data.epa.gov.tw/paradigm

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    The JSON format returned by the current platform is different from the one returned by the original platform. The main differences are as follows: 1. The JSON content of the new platform is richer, and additional information is added, such as: field name, field type, total number of data and other information. It provides relevant information for users to determine data sources. 2. The relevant information is in [‘result’][‘records’].

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    The new platform has already packaged specific data sets in advance. Pre-packaged data sets 1. If you click [JSON], [CSV], [XML] buttons to obtain data, the maximum limit of the platform is 10,000 records 2. If you need all the data, please click [Download all data of this data set] button. 3. The pre-packaged data will be in csv format 4.The data that is not pre-packaged doesn’t have limits on the number of records. In order to speed up your download, it is recommended that you can filter the scope of data you want before downloading it.

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    Please refer to the following steps 1. Register as a member to obtain API key 2. There are 3 tabs in the data set that found, namely "Data Browser", "Data Dictionary" and "Data API". Click "Data API", which is the one on the far right, to get an example of calling API. 3. Refer to the "Data Acquisition API Online Help Document" to access data, and supply it for application programs interfacing with. Note: For detailed instructions, please refer to https://data.epa.gov.tw/paradigm

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    The platform has provided the "API Download History Data" operation manual, please refer to it. Please download the manual at https://reurl.cc/W3oAzk.

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    The open data formats provided by this platform are divided into the following types: JSON, XML, and CSV, 3 types in total. • [JSON], JavaScript Object Notation, is based on plain text. The content of the data includes fields and content of the data, and it has high compatibility. It is a light weight data exchange format favored by program developers in the mobile computing era. • [XML] eXtensible Markup Language is a markup language. The data contains data content and description data. The data content and attributes can be explained in the form of text, and can be used with XML Schema to verify the data format. It is the most commonly used data format for data exchange in recent years. • [CSV] Comma Separated Values, is a plain text file that uses commas to separate data. Because the data format is similar to the spreadsheet format of commonly used commercial application software., it can often be seen in statistical reports or two-dimensional data tables.

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    In order to make the platform operate more efficiently and have a more convenient way of downloading, the new platform adopts the "monthly packet" mode for historical data. Users can select according to their own needs and download the required monthly data. The pre-packaged data will be in csv format.

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    Both of them are for filtering again the field value, and "=" means "precise matching"; "Like" means "fuzzy matching" (covering a larger range). E.g: If you want to filter "two gasified" again, then if you use "=", but there is no simple "two gasified" phrase in the database, the platform will respond with no data, however, if you replace it with "Like", the platform will respond something like "two gasified sulfur" , "two gasified nitrogen",...

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    The platform has provided an operation manual of "Query Data Collection and Use Filter Panel", please refer to it, please download the manual at https://reurl.cc/gWoeNV.